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Wet and Wild, the world's premier water park, features a full-day of fun for the entire family. Honored by Amusement Business Magazine as the nation's best-attended water park since the onset of their survey, Wet 'n Wild's world-class signature thrill rides and quality service offer something for fun-lovers of all ages. Wet and Wild is the only place to get a whole heart pounding, over-the-edge intensity!



Get down at America’s favorite water park! Wet and Wild –Orlando introduces a groovy new multi-million dollar attraction showcasing the1970’s disco nightlife. It’s a little bit of funk, a little bit of soul, and a whole lot of water. It’s the Disco H2O™, baby!  Provided you make it past the bouncer, your flashback journey begins by boarding a four-person cloverleaf raft that descends through a time warp, toward a watery disco nightclub. Once “inside,” you’ll find yourself rotating around the aqua club surrounded by music, lights, and disco balls! Shake your booty to the sounds of the seventies on this jivin’ new attraction you won’t find anywhere else!



Wet and Wild has more for families to do together than any other water park in Orlando! Mom and Dad can relax and drift away on the lazy River or the Surf Lagoon wave pool, while thrill seeking teens can experience the ultimate free-fall on the Bomb Bay or the Der Stuka. Little ones love the Kids’ Park with miniature versions of the park’s most popular adult rides – there’s something for everyone to do, no matter how young or young at hear you are! And if the family wants to spend time together, they can enjoy a wide variety of multi-passenger rides in tubes big enough to hold the entire family!



Enter a bomb-like capsule and feel the floor drop from beneath you as you take a heart stopping plunge down a 76-foot height, nearly vertical slide. There's nothing else quite like Wet and Wild. All 30 action -packed acres are loaded with thrills, from the height speed excitement of the board around our half-mile lake course, hurtle through the darkness of the Black Hole, or bounce and slide on a big rubber ball called the Bubble up. And for the kids, there's an interactive playground with a tiny wave pool and miniature versions of our hottest rides.



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